It is possible to train your team without spending too much

Does your company have no budget to invest in training for the team?

Many people agreed that offering professional and human development for employees is essential, but they still believe the cost for it is too high and end up not including training and development actions in their annual plan.

There are also those who are afraid to make "a big investment" and take the risk of losing their trained employees to their competitors. Well, keep in mind that you are taking an even greater risk: that your untrained employees may stay in your company. Which is worse for the future of your business?

That is why besides from the onsite training it is possible to implement a series of daily actions that make a huge difference and strengthen your corporate education program. Here are some of them: 

  • Set the example.
  • Be open for conversations.
  • Give feedback.
  • Encourage group discussions.
  • Share real cases and invite others to talk about them.
  • Distribute current and relevant supporting materials, such as videos, articles, website links.
  • Encourage and honor all professional development initiatives.
  • Keep yourself updated and share your new learnings with your team (business owners and high management teams must also be continuously studying, developing themselves, joining courses, lectures, workshops, conferences and events).

Do you know different ways to train teams without spending much? Share your experience or contact Ana Hengist by clicking here to discuss training programs and developments that fit your budget.