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The Multiplier Workshop

A job especially dedicated to employees or supervisors responsible for training their colleagues and teams, but who have not yet received specific training for facilitators. In this workshop, participants learn some techniques and receive tools, tips and guidance to turn their knowledge and content into more assertive and interesting trainings.


Motivational Lecture: “Excuse me, but this time is mine”

Have you ever have thought things like: “Oh, if could only go back in time with today’s knowledge”, or “If ‘such’ thing had not happened in the past, it all would have been different”? Our relationship with the timeline is always highly questioned, especially when certain life projects do not happen within the desired or planned time frame. In this lecture, I share a different vision about everything we believe to be “the right time” to reinvent ourselves and, above all, how much we are influenced by the beliefs and accomplishments of others.