My career in professional development began in 2005, when I was living and working in the USA for a chain of language schools, where I was surrounded by people from all over the world, not only students but also staff members. It was important to train them so the customer service to those students were suitable for all cultures, considering also its individualities.

The following year I joined the team responsible for developing and conducting those training sessions for all my colleagues. I then realized that I could make a difference in the professional lives of others, helping them in the same way that so many people have helped me so far.

When I returned to Brazil in 2012, the experience I had in America led to my dream of contributing to the growth of professionals and companies through corporate education.

I am originally from a city called Porto Alegre (RS, Brazil), with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Communications at PUC-RS and Graduate Degree in Corporate Education at Faculdade Unyleya, specialist in the “QEMP” tool for the development of entrepreneurs, training instructor for South America and Mexico at the International Parking and Mobility Institute (IPMI), facilitator and consultant in Training and Development.



  • Current topics, connected to day-to-day reality and exercises that meet the expected results
  • Dynamic and participative approaches, with focus on the interaction among participants and group debates.
  • Encouragement of self-directed and concept learning that can be turned into actions, enhancing professional and personal development.
  • Stimulate participants to reflect about their current view of the proposed topics and to shape new concepts
  • Methodologies inspired by the concepts derived from Constructivism, Waldorf and social interaction.